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November 17, 2009: Dr. Marvin Konstam and Dr. C. Michael Gibson discuss the HEAAL Study
Dr. Marvin Konstam and Dr. C. Michael Gibson discuss the Comparison of Low-Dose Versus
High-Dose Losartan Treatment on Morbidity and Mortality in Angiotensin Converting Enzyme
Inhibitor-Intolerant Patients with Heart Failure and Reduced Left Ventricular Ejection
Fraction: Results of the HEAAL Study.

Disclosures for Dr. Gibson:

Present Research/Grant Funding

Abbott; Angel Medical Corporation; Astra Zeneca; Atrium
Medical Systems; Baxter; Bayer Corp. Cardica, Inc.;
FibroGen, Inc.; Fold Rx; Genentech, Inc.; HeartScape
Technologies; INO Therapeutics, Inc.; Johnson & Johnson
Corporation; Lantheus Medical Imaging; NewCardio, Inc.;
Portola Pharmaceuticals; Sanofi-Aventis; Schering Plough

Consultant and Speaking Engagements

Acusphere, Inc.; Angel Medical Systems; Archemix
Corporation; Ascenta Therapeutics Atrium Medical
Corporation; Bayer Corporation; Cardica Inc.; Heartscape
Technologies, Inc.; ICON Medical Imaging; Jim Moran Heart
and Vascular Research Institute; John & Johnson Corporation;
Medicure, Inc.; Novartis Pharmaceutical Corporation; Portola
Pharmaceuticals, Inc.; Sanofi-Aventis Pharmaceuticals;
Schering Plough Corporation; St. Jude Medical; The Medicines

Royalties as a Contributor

UpToDate in Cardiovascular Medicine; Pocket Medicine

Past Research/Grant Funding/Past Speakers Bureau/Past

ActivBiotics, Inc.; Acusphere, Inc.; Ascenta Therapeutics,
Inc; Astra; Atrium Medical Corporation; Bard Corporation;
Biogen IDEC; Boston Scientific Corporation; Bristol Meyers
Squibb Company; British Biotech, plc.; CardioKinetix, Inc.;
Ciba Geigy Corporation; COR Therapeutics; Corgentech, Inc.;
DVI Guidant Corporation; Eli Lilly and Company; Genentech,
Inc.; GlaxoSmithKline; INO Therapeutics, LLC; KAI
Pharmaceuticals; Merck & Co., Inc.; Millennium
Pharmaceuticals; Momenta Pharmaceuticals; NIH; Novartis
Corporation; Nuvelo; PDL Pharmaceuticals; Percusurge, Inc.;
Pfizer; Point Biomedical Corporation; Portola
Pharmaceuticals, Inc.; Sanofi-Aventis Corporation; Smith
Kline Beecham; Sonus; St. Jude Medical; The Medicines
Company; timi3 Systems, Inc.

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