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January 26, 2007: Pacing and/or Defibrillator Therapy for Heart Failure
This video is sponsored by the Duke Clinical Medical Series.

Topics include:
* Pacing and/or Defibrillator Therapy for Heart Failure
* Age Distribution of HF & LV Systolic Dysfunction
* Reasons to Use Electrical Device Therapy in HF Pts
* Two-year Mortality in Contemporary Clinical Trials
* Cumulative Effect of Therapy on Mortality
* Aspirin: ESC Guideline
* Slide 18
* Main Trials of ICD for HF: 2005
* SCD-HeFT: Mortality Sudden Cardiac Death in Heart Failure Trial
* SCD-HeFT: ICD vs Placebo Hazard Ratios

Dr. Joe Rogers has indicated that he is a member of the GlaxoSmithKline Speakers Bureau.

The guest faculty, John Cleland, MD, has indicated that he has no industry relationships
to disclose.

Pacing and/or Defibrillator Therapy for Heart Failure

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