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Dr. Lasala and Dr. Popma Discuss the ARRIVE Registry and Drug-Eluting Stents
Dr. John Lasala and Dr. Jeff Popma present an overview of the ARRIVE registry and the
implications of its findings regarding drug eluting stents (DES) and patient care. The
patients were recruited consecutively to avoid selection bias. Higher risk patients had
more complications, especially death, MI, and stent thrombosis. Although the data is not
randomized, the registry outcomes were not so different between bare metal stents (BMS)
and drug eluting stents (DES). Dr. Popma and Dr. Lasala conclude that there is a need for
randomization with complex lesion subset groups to have a more direct basis for comparison
of event rates between BMS and DES. KEYWORDS: ARRIVE registries; Society for Cardiac
and Angiography Interventions (SCAI);Drug eluting stents; Bare metal stents;
cardiovascular event rates.

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