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September 15, 2006: Drug-eluting Stent Safety
This video is sponsored by the Duke Clinical Medical Series.

Topics include:
* Drug-eluting Stent Safety
* Drug-eluting Stents (DES) in the Biology Balance
* DES 2006: Is It Safe?
* Is There a Catch-up?
* Efficacy Measures
* Stent Thrombosis (ST): Any Time Post-implantation
* Incidence/Predictors of ST: Bare Metal Stent Era
* Late Stent Thrombosis (LST)
* Rates of SAT Across Trials
* Late Stent Thrombosis (LST)

The moderator, Sunil Rao, MD, has indicated that he acts as a consultant for
Sanofi-Aventis, and is a member of the speakers bureaus of the Medicines Company and the
Cordis Corporation.

The moderator, Manesh Patel, MD, has indicated that he has no industry relationships to

The guest faculty, Ron Waksman, MD, has indicated that receives grant/research support
from Biotronik, and acts as a consultant for Biotronik, Boston Scientific, and Medtronic

Drug-eluting Stent Safety

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