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Dr. Gibson reviews the EXPIRA, EXPORT, and ARMYDA-4 & 5 trials from TCT 2007
Dr. C. Michael Gibson discusses the results of the EXPIRA, EXPORT, and ARMYDA-4 & 5
trials from TCT 2007. The EXPIRA and EXPORT trials involve the use of aspiration
catheters to improve myocardial perfusion. The EXPIRA trial included 175 patients
randomized to treatment with either an export catheter or conventional therapy. The
results demonstrated superior outcomes (TIMI Myocardial Perfusion Grade 3 flow and higher
ST resolution) for patients in the export arm compared to patients in the control group.
Patients in the export group also experienced lower mortality rates than control patients
at nine months of follow-up. Similarly, the larger EXPORT study (250 patients) showed
improved outcomes for the Export catheter with respect to the dual goals of TMPG 3 and ST
resolution, but no difference in the 30 day clinical outcomes. The ARMYDA trials, both
of smaller sample sizes,involved the additional use of Clopidogrel on top of chronic
therapy (4) and the preloading with Plavix prior to diagnostic angiography (5). The
results showed no improvement of outcomes for either trial.

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